Good, Great or Exceptional?


Have you ever considered what makes a great or exceptional assistant? What is it that sets them apart from others?

The ‘technical’ side of the role (writing minutes, sending out diary invitations, writing letters, etc.) is something that you can learn and your success in these areas is measurable.

The characteristics that can make you exceptional are intangible and are very difficult to measured, but these will make you an exceptional assistant.

An article I read recently shared the top characteristics an assistant can possess. These included:

Anticipating The Boss’ Needs


Making The Boss Look Good

Reflecting The Boss’ Values

A Self-Starter, Who Sees The Big Picture

Organizational Skills



Scrupulous About Details

Always Discreet

Excellent Communication Skills


Over the next few blog posts we will revisit this list and explore the ‘intangible’ points. We will look at how can you develop these skills and become an exceptional, world class assistant.

Do you have any points you would add to the list? Share them below.

Want to kick start your journey to exceptional now? Click here.

Want to read the full article?  Click here.

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