Psychic, Mind Reader or Amazing Assistant?

Perhaps the biggest challenge for any assistant is learning to predict the future or to read their executive’s mind.

There are, however, ways this can be done (without the need for psychic abilities!)…

The key is to look for patterns.

Does your executive ask you for the same type of document before certain meetings?

Are you always asked to print the same reports each week?

Do meetings on certain subjects or with certain people always overrun?

Does your executive always run out time to complete certain tasks?

What can you do? Using the patterns that you notice you can predict possible issues and resolve them before they happen. You can print the reports needed, schedule extra time for meetings which overrun and you can schedule dedicated time for certain tasks.

By doing this you can amaze your executive with your intuition and mind reading abilities.

So, ahead of your next one-to-one status meeting with your executive ask yourself the above questions and think about other patterns you’ve noticed and prepare solutions.

Ready to further your own development as well as mind reading abilities? Click here.


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