Assistant or Superhero?

Today I’m re-blogging my first post as I think its so important to recognise how much assistants actually do!

The Real World PA

Gone are the days of the Mad Men style secretaries who simply sat and typed up whatever work they were handed. Today’s assistant not only thinks for themselves, but also on behalf of their executive.

An article I read recently perfectly summarized the role of an assistant as;

“…troubleshooters, translators, help desk attendants, diplomats, human databases, travel consultants, amateur psychologists, and ambassadors to the inside and outside world.”

It pointed out that;

“…the best executive assistants are indispensable. Microsoft will never develop software that can calm a hysterical sales manager, avert a crisis by redrafting a poorly worded e-mail, smooth a customer’s ruffled feathers, and solve a looming HR issue—all within a single hour, and all without interrupting the manager to whom such problems might otherwise have proven a distraction.”

Sometimes it is important to take a step back and really think about everything that we do.

Writing out a…

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