Mindreading Your Executive – How to start being a pro-active assistant

Anticipating execs needs

My last post shared information from a recent survey listing the ‘intangible skills’ an assistant can apply to be great and exceptional at what they do.

Over my next few posts I’m going to explore some of these points to further understand how they might affect the way in which you work.

In this post I’ll be looking at; ‘anticipating the boss’ needs’ and ‘making the boss look good’.  Although I’ll refer to your ‘boss’ as your ‘executive’ because here at The Real World PA I believe the exec-assistant relationship should be more about partnership than boss & employee.

Mind reader in training… 

We all know that staying ahead of the game is critical for success, but just how do you anticipate what your executive will need before they have even thought of it themselves?

A post shared here on The Real World PA recently (PSYCHIC, MIND READER OR AMAZING ASSISTANT?) explained how you can look for patterns in your executives demands. Using the patterns that you notice you can predict possible issues and resolve them before they happen.

By meeting your executives needs you will automatically be ‘making them look good’ as they will, for example, always be prepared for meetings well in advance, or be reminded of key information that needs to be collected or shared.

Other pro-active action you can take to ‘make them look good’ or raise their profile is to look for areas which they might not always have time to consider themselves.

It’s likely that they are so busy working on problems or looking for ways to improve the business that they might forget to recognise the great work and success of teams within the company.

You can be the person that shares these successes with your executive, suggesting they should  recognise the team with individual letters/emails of thanks (which you could have already prepared!). This improves morale, raises the profile of your executive and will give you the satisfaction of knowing you made someone’s day.

So what steps are you going to take to anticipate your executives needs and raise their profile? Comment below to share ideas of initiatives you and your executive have developed which benefit your company?

Want to find out more on how to be exceptional? Click here

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