Work Overload? Use Your Secret Weapon


Keeping a great to-do list is key to staying on top of your workload.

Great to-do lists are easy to maintain, thorough and fuel your productivity. They shouldn’t be viewed as another job or a tedious chore. They are your secret weapon to making sure you get things done.

Where do you start?

A very simple but big step up from pad and paper, Workflowy revolutionized the way I manage my to-do list.

Workflowy is a free online application which enables you to create lists within lists, drag and drop items, share lists, and access your lists from wherever you are (among other things).

By using Workflowy you can break your to-do list down into categories.
These might include:
  • Meetings
  • Correspondence
  • Weekly Tasks
  • Monthly Tasks

Each category then has its own sub-list:

  • Meetings
    • Marketing review
    • Paul Jones status meeting

Then each sub-list is populated with the detail:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Venue
  • Attendees

My to-do list includes everything I need to complete or progress. I review it three times a day; in the morning, afternoon and evening. Each time I cross off all the completed tasks and add any further points.

Using this method for your to-do list can also help you to realise just how much you have achieved across the day, how effective you are being and where things are going wrong if you haven’t achieved quite as much as you wanted.

Why is it so important?

Not only does keeping a thorough and up to date to-do list mean you know exactly where you are with your work, it also means you can share detailed updates with your executive. If your executive has a spare 5 minutes to catch up with you, your list can become your meeting agenda and you’ll have all the details you need at your finger tips.

So, give it a try. Use a to-do list for 1 week and see if, by the end of the week, you feel more in control.

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Time VS Impact – Investment Banking

Whenever you are working on a task it’s important to ask yourself how much impact the work you are doing will have.

You can use the ‘urgent vs important’¬†matrix to establish whether a task is worthwhile or not. But how do you decide how much of your time to dedicate to it?

The key is to find a way to measure the impact the task will have.

Be an investment banker.

One way to think about this is to imagine you are an investor.

You’ve got a big pot of money and you must invest in 3 businesses. You must put some money towards each so you have to decide which business deserves more of your money.

How? You decide which business will have the highest return on investment (ROI), right?

Now think of yourself as an investor of time rather than money. You still want the biggest ROI so work out which tasks will have a greater impact and focus more time on them.

Tasks that have a high impact might be ones that help to bring in new business or they might be something that contributes towards an important project. The impact will vary but once you know what’s important you can divide your time more effectively.

Most importantly: Don’t forget that the investment which will give you the biggest ROI is you and your development!

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