Is ‘Busy’ Really A Good Thing?

So many people believe that being busy is equal to being successful, but if we really think about it, is busy a good thing?

Being busy has become a social status symbol. If someone isn’t busy then it means they’re not important, or needed. But is this truly the case?

We all know that if we don’t have enough downtime this can lead to stress and burnout. If we are too ‘busy’ then this naturally means we won’t have the time out we desperately need.

Today I want to challenge  you to think about whether you really WANT to be busy.

Ask yourself whether you are spending your time doing ‘busy work’ or ‘effective work’. Do you feel ‘fulfilled and rested’ or ‘stressed and burnout’? If it’s the latter then now is your chance to make some changes to regain control and stop being so busy.

Most people will find that before they go on holiday they are their most productive at work. They somehow manage to tie up loose ends, finish everything on their to-do list and then take that time off away from the office.  This is because they; don’t procrastinate, eliminate distractions, focus on tasks that will have the most impact and work to their set timescales.

All of these principles can be applied in your everyday working life to achieve more during your working day, giving you the chance to take a break and stop being so busy!

So the next time you ask someone how they are and they reply, “busy!” you can smile to yourself knowing that you are effective, not busy.

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